lördag 17 december 2011

Prinsessan Isis

Princess Isis, the second or third daughter of Pharaoh Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye (it is not clear if Isis or her sister, Henut-Taneb, is older). She is also called Aset or Iset, and was named after the Goddess Isis, the Mistress of Magic and the Goddess whose name means 'throne.' Like her sister Sitamen (and most probably Henut-Taneb as well) Isis was one of the wives of her father. Unlike Henut-Taneb, she am specifically referred to as a 'King's Wife', and her name is inscribed in a cartouche, a perogative of high ranking royal consorts. After the death of Amenhotep III, she fades from view, what happened to this princess is unknown.
Princess Isis' Titles:
King's Wife
King’s Daughter
King’s Daughter Whom He Loves

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