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Princessan Drottning Sitamun

Princess-Queen Sitamen (aka: Sitamun, Sitamon, Satamon) was the eldest daughter of Queen Tiye and pharaoh Amenhotep III. Her name means “Daughter of Amun”. Although it appears Sitamen was the eldest princess, there is no evidence that she was one of the wives of her brother, Akhenaten. His Great Royal Wife Nefetiti appears to have been his cousin and a niece of Tiye. Sitamen seems to have been her father's favorite daughter and she held a special position in his court, 'King's Chief Daughter'. Later in the 30th year of Amenhotep III's reign, Princess Sitamen became one of her father's queens. She even received the title "King's Great Wife" even though her mother, Queen Tiye, was still alive. Sitamen possessed her own household palace and estates, but never took precedence over Tiye, however. Sitamen's sisters Isis and Henut-Taneb also seem to have married their father. These unions may have been symbolic, but they could have been consumated unions as well. Perhaps Tiye encouraged her husband to their daughters to mirrors some of the relationships of the gods.
Princess-Queen Sitamen has been suggested as a possible candidate as the mother of Smenkhkare and Tutankhamen, but no evidence exists (either to support or deny) that she bore her father-husband any children. One of Amenhotep III's high officials named Huy retired to Sitamen's estate as her “High Steward". Many of images of Sitamen show her wearing a lotus crown with royal cobra or gazelle with a short nubian style wig. It has been postulated that Sitamen was the God's Wife of Amun during Amenhotep's reign. The most famous are two wooden chairs that were in her grandparents' -- Yuya and Thuya's -- tomb. A mummy found with the Elder Lady (who is thought to be Queen Tiye) might be Princess-Queen Sitamen's remains.
Princess-Queen Sitamen's Titles
Singer of the Lord of the Two Lands
King’s Wife
King’s Great Wife
King’s Daughter
King’s Daughter Whom He Loves
Eldest Daughter of the King
Great ['Chief'] Daughter of the King Whom He Loves

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